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Funny seeing you here

I'm so excited to tell you all about myself super professionally and in the third person.

Payton Cianfarano is a copywriter and creative located in Pittsburgh, PA (where she totally isn't bothered by the cold weather at all).


For the past two and a half years (and still to this day), she's been lending her natural (according to her) charm and wit to the creative team at Burrell Communications. Through television, social media, and experiential mediums (and don't forget the prized thirty second radio spots), she helps to bring a distinct, multi-cultural voice to multiple national brands (including Toyota, Xfinity, McDonald's, and Coca-Cola)

Prior to her time at Burrell, Payton studied Advertising and Branding at the Savannah College of Art and Design (she transferred at the end of her sophomore year, but still learned a thing or two) before graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a BFA in Public and Professional Writing (basically advertising, but with some other writing professions sprinkled in). During her studies, she had the privilege of interning at multiple advertising agencies (including Wray Ward, Mythic, Chemistry, and Swift Agency) where she gained (much needed) experience in collaboration, client presentations, and agency practices (and learned a whole lot about writing an email that won't end up in a spam folder). She also worked at the beauty start-up, Glamnetic, as a part-time Junior Copywriter; creating product descriptions, names, and managing influencer collaborations (ask me anything about magnetic eyelashes, I got you).

When Payton's not writing about cars or fries, she's writing about much sappier, personal stuff and breaking it stanzas for dramatic effect. If you're into that sort of thing, you can find a few of her published works here  and also here.

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