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Get Out There
Toyota Tacoma

Client: Toyota  |   2024  |  Agency: Burrell Communications

CCO: Khari Street | Creative Director: Corey Seaton | Art Director: Claudio Garcia + Nick Anglin 

The Toyota Tacoma dares drivers to get out, way out there.

Way Out Challenge

We dared Tacoma drivers to challenge their limits of getting out there. Kicking off on TikTok, drivers who think they can take their Tacoma the furthest were pushed to submit videos in far out locations for a chance to win a $12,000 prize including an ARB kit to beef up their Tacoma.

Get Out There With Me

Playing off the #GRWM (Get Ready With Me) social trend, we introduced TikTok users to the best way to prep for an adventure in the way out: the Tacoma.

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