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Creator Studios
Toyota x ComplexCon

Toyota "Nudge" Campaign Experiential Extension

Client: Toyota  |   2022   |   Agency: Burrell Communications
CCO: Khari Street | Creative Director: Corey Seaton  | Art Director: Claudio Garcia 

Art Basel is all about the artists, but what about the attendees?


Transforming average airstreams into hubs for creativity, we gave a nudge to emerging artist and attendees of both Art Basel and ComplexCon's Community Week, providing them with the tech, knowledge, and opportunity to take their ideas to the next level.

We invited three emerging artists to lead conversations about their creative process, inspiration, and technique to crowd of curious art lovers at the Museum of Graffiti. After each session, we opened to doors of the Toyota Creator Studios, where attendees could create their own next-level content in mobile airstreams equipped with the latest tools and tech.

Event Videos & Press

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