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The New Cool
Bird Scooters

Client: Bird Scooters |   2020   |   Agency: Swift | Program: Swift Flight School Night School Fellowship
Art Director: Aodan Reddy

How do we get city-dwellers to accept Bird Scooters as a legitimate transportation option?


Bird's brand goal of lowering CO2 emissions in cities and reinventing the commute with the help of electric scooters is nothing short of beautiful. Unfortunately, electric scooters are kind of the opposite of beautiful – but why should that matter when the planet is on the line?   


We aimed to prove to eco-minded urbanites that the coolest thing you can do is save the planet, no matter what you look like doing it. Combining a self-deprecating tone with friendly fonts and colors, we aimed to highlight the positive changes riding a Bird scooter can bring to our future while playfully poking fun at the pushback they have received. 


The Manifesto


Cities are a hub for C02 emissions and even your shortest trips have long term effects on the atmosphere. And honestly? That’s a lot lamer than your helmet hair. 


Sure, an electric scooter isn’t exactly ‘on brand’ when it comes to your Instagram feed. But who decided what was ‘on brand’ anyway? 


Even when the price to pay is white knuckles and pit-stains we know you’ll still be down for the ride. Besides, silly looks good on you (but you already knew that). 


We know a clunky motor isn’t quite as cute as your reusable cups, but embrace the embarrassment regardless. The path to ecological change is best forged when you travel outside of your comfort zone alongside a flock of scooters.




To make up for the electric scooters they  litter throughout the city, Bird will collect 1lb of litter for each Bird they place in a city. Then fellow Bird riders can flock together to their favorite city spots to collect litter while lowering carbon emissions. At the end of the day, riders can weigh in their litter on centrally located Bird Weigh In stations and post the weight of their collected litter with the #TheWeightOfTheRIde. The five highest weights will be rewarded with personal Bird scooters.

CO2 Year In Review


Sometimes terms like ‘C02’ and ‘air pollution’ seem so abstract you can’t even begin to imagine them. BIrd wants to make that easier by showing  you exactly how much your yearly Bird rides are impacting the planet. By creating an account on the Bird app and connecting it to the scooter with every ride, riders can access data such as their New Carbon Footprint, Miles Scootered, their personal impact, and even fellow riders in their area. 


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